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What Is The Best Rifle For Beginners?

What Is The Best Rifle For Beginners?

Best Rifle For Beginners

As a beginner, buying your first gun is an experience you will never forget: it’s like buying your first car. For that reason, you ought to buy the best rifle that will not leave you regretting or hating the first experience in the world of rifles. 

Before we discuss the best rifle a beginner should consider, let’s get look into the possible factors you need to consider. They are as follows: 

  • Purpose

The ultimate way to select a rifle or even any gun is to look into the intended purposes. Some rifles are perfect weapons for home defenses, and others are suitable for tactical shooting while some perform better while used to hunt. 

  • Brand and cosmetic 

For some shooters,  a specific design, some parts and accessories on a rifle will mean a lot to them. It may entail customs features on a rifle and the physical appearance of the rifle. Also, some people perceive rifles from particular brands to be better than others. This aspect is highly dependent on your personal preference. 

  • Skills and training 

Have you trained and acquired your skills with that particular rifle you intend to buy? It’s essential you have basic ideas on how to use that particular rifle. Also, you have some knowledge of how that rifle’s mechanism works and its parts. 

  • Action the rifle 

Rifles utilizes either pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action or semi-automatic actions. You can choose what works better for you. 

  • Caliber 

Depending on your gun’s purpose, you need to select a rifle with a caliber that delivers appropriately. Also, you need a caliber that is readily available within your market and affordable. 

The Best Rifle For Beginners 

Best Rifle for Beginners

Best Rifle for Beginners

Ruger AR-556 

The Ruger AR-556 is an AR-15 variant rifle. It’s undisputable as we mention AR-15s to be on this list of the best rifle for beginners.  Ruger is a firearm company that has built its reputation for many over seven decades by offering quality products in the gun market, law enforcement agencies, and the military. 

The AR-556 from Ruger is not an exception while mentioning the best rifles. Why the AR-556? It’s a budget option rifles suitable for all levels of shooters. It’s a semi-automatic firearm that will get the job done as long as you have the necessary skills with the AR-15s. 

It comes with outstanding features that include a 30 round Magpul PMAG, rear sights, a 16.1 inches barrel with 1:8 twist, adjustable stock, and a dust cover. Among other notable things include its lightweight, which enhances comfort while shooting, a pistol design grip, and an excellent trigger that allows you to follow up shots smoothly. 

It’s a rifle with a normal recoil similar to other AR-15s. Also, the AR-556 a good selection for any shooter who wants a highly customizable rifle. 

It’s a good gun for training and effective for self-defense and target shooting. Additionally, it can hunt small animals. 

Remington 783 

Remington 783 is one of the best bolt action rifles ever made. Thus, Remington 783 deserves to be on this list. It has a barrel length of 22 inches, a detachable magazine, an adjustable CrossFire trigger system, two-position safety, and Supercell Recoil Pad. 

Generally, the Model 783 is a reliable rifle that will hardly make you encounter mechanical issues except that the bolt cycle stays rough but still functions. Its two-stage trigger works very well and acts as a safety feature to prevent accidental discharge. In addition, any beginner can easily load the magazine. The recoil pad is very useful in managing the recoil effect while firing. 

Another good thing about this rifle is that it comes in various calibers; hence you select what suits your purpose. In addition, it delivers an excellent accuracy level of targets. 

The Remington 783 rifle is most suitable for hunting purposes. However, most beginners who like bolt action rifles consider it for range shooting and home defense. 

ArmaLite AR-10 A2

It’s a versatile semi-automatic rifle that can handle any job a standard rifle should do. It functions on an adjustable gas-operated system and uses a two-shot trigger. Its rear sights are adjustable, thus improving convince while “in action.” The AR-10 A2 chambers .308 Win or the 7.62×51 calibers. It will surely deliver an enormous impact of energy on the target. 

It’s a fairly lightweight rifle with most of its parts made of aluminum alloy except for the bolt carrier group (BCG), barrel, and handguard. The direct gas impingement feature enhances the capability of the AR-10 A2 to fire about 700 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 845m/s: It’s a real “beast.”  Also, the muzzle brake enhances is significant in managing recoil.

The overall reliability is on point, and you can depend on this rifle anytime, as long as it’s well maintained. It works best for big game and target shooting. 

The only setbacks of this rifle that its parts are not readily available in the market as those of the AR-15s, and it will knock hard on your bank account. If you are a beginner who wants to try something different and powerful, this is the choice. 

Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport II

The M&P-15 Sport is an all-around rifle that suits any shooter who is into rifles. It’s not only an affordable option on our list but also highly customizable. 

It’s equipped with an adjustable stock, rear sights, a 30 round Magpul PMAG, Red/Green dot laser, and CT optics. It chambers the 5.56MM NATO and the .223 Remington. 

However, taking quick follow-up shots with this rifle results in the emission of a high volume of gas.

It’s a budget-friendly rifle that is durable and suitable for any entry-level shooters. M&P-15 Sport is reliable, accurate, and ergonomically designed. The overall performance is excellent for beginners involved in tactical shooting and home defense purposes. 


As a beginner, you have to consider what rifle works best for you and your intended purpose. The above list of best rifles includes affordable selections and highly-priced options. For a better experience with your rifle, you must embrace consistency in practice and sharpen your rifle skills. 

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